About Us

Welcome to Pets and Puzzles.
We’re a family owned shop on Victoria Road West, the main high street in Cleveleys, and as you might have guessed from the name, half of our shop is a pet shop and half of our shop sells puzzles!
Jigsaw puzzles are our speciality
You’ll find some of the selection on this website. We stock a wide selection of good quality puzzles from your favourite manufacturers including Gibson, House of Puzzles and Falcon, most of our adult puzzles are in 500 and 1000 piece sizes and we stock children’s 100 piece puzzles too.
We try to cater for most tastes, as it’s usually the picture which will be the thing that you decide upon. There are illustrated scenes, puzzle pictures, still life and photographs, so why don’t you pop into the shop and have a look through the range.
Puzzle Books
At Pets and Puzzles you’ll also find a range of puzzle books to keep your mind active, including word search, crosswords and sudoku. If you prefer to find your inner calm with an adult colouring book they’re also in stock, along with children’s colouring books of course.
Paperback Novels
For the avid readers among you we’ve got a great selection of paperback novels on the book shelves, from some of your favourite authors.
Have a look around our Website.
If you’re looking for something to occupy your mind have a look around this website or call into Pets and Puzzles at Cleveleys and browse until you make your choice.
We've lots more in the shop!
If you prefer you can telephone us to place an order and pay by card over the phone and we will happily send your goods by post for a small delivery fee.
Why not call in to see us?